Defeat Money Depression and Take Back Your Life

Defeating Money Depression

The cost of living doesn’t need to cost you your health especially when you’re at a point of financial disdain. Sure, you’ve reached lower-class and sit toeing the poverty line, but that doesn’t mean your mood needs to nose dive with it. With the idea that money doesn’t buy happiness ringing in the distance, the cliché clearly didn’t account for scientific proof of the opposite being true. You may not be able to purchase pure bliss with a MasterCard swipe, but you will find that you’re mood and outlook are directly affected by money at least, some of the time.

So what can you do to ward off the evil depression of being broke and turn that frown upside down? Try some of these tactics to give you the needed boost, and you’d be surprised just how much happier you are, even without cash in your pocket.

Defeat Money Depression

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Don’t Eat It, Defeat Your Money Woes.

Eating when you’re depressed solves nothing, and gives you more reason to be depressed. The natural instinct of our bodies is to raise our happiness level and food will do that for us. Chocolate, sweet foods such as cake and ice cream also make us feel happier, releasing the chemicals in our brains to suggest the act of eating was the solution to defeat money depression. This is but a band aid that will only worsen your condition. Eating healthy also;

  • Keeps your immune system healthy
  • Provide enough vitamins to sustain a healthy body
  • Avoid the depressing realization that you’re not only broke, but you’re also gaining weight.

Defeat the Couch Potato Money Blues.

Another proven fact is getting up off your butt. Not only do you feel better when you exercise (science says so) you’ll also find your own self-image is heightened by exercise as well. When we get out of our comfort zone and enjoy some fresh air we raise our self-confidence thanks to that pound reducing walk we just took as well as got some much needed vitamin D from the sun. People that live in areas that experience cold such as New England and Alaska are more likely to experience vitamin D deficiencies. This is because they’re stuck inside and less likely to exercise due to the extreme cold. Add in financial stress and it’s a recipe for disaster. Even on a brisk day,

  • take a walk to help clear your mind
  • get that vitamin D boost your body needed from the sun.
  • Relieve stress and take your mind off of current woes.

Lessen Stress with Good Deeds

Since you’re going out, why not take your mind off of you and do some good in your community? This will help you with one and two, but it also is for selfish reasons that you need to get out there and volunteer. Volunteering makes you look like a superstar. You’re taking your precious time and giving it away to others. This may be a freebie but it’s not overlooked and is a great networking opportunity. It also looks great on your resume thus adding some dollar bills to your pocket, the source of your stress in your first place. You never know how much better you feel when you touch someone else’s life and get the satisfaction of;

  • Help others
  • Get you off the couch
  • Earn you money if you teach a class or workshop
  • Gain new contacts in your network

Kill the Money Depression creatively

For creative types, moments such as this beg us to be creative. When you’re down on your luck and need a reason to smile, sometimes it’s as easy as opening a notebook and writing your thoughts out on paper. Utilizing your creative outlet doesn’t need to be limited to the arts. If you’re skilled in a trade, teach a class. If you’re experienced in startups and in between ideas, share your knowledge and help others. No matter what your skills are there are ways to put them out there to;

  • Find your passion and reason to smile
  • Be more grateful for what you already have by understanding there are far worse situations.
  • Defeat Money Depression

Fly into Success and Stomp the Money Blues

Okay, so maybe you’re not going to miraculously gain the ability to fly, but you will feel better when you think positive. The lost boys had the right approach to be successful you have to feel successful and to be happy you have to tell yourself exactly that. I’m happy. Keep in mind that;

  • Feeling like you’re successful will heighten your rate of success
  • Positive thinking reduces stress
  • You are who you think you are. Defeat the Money Woe demon with a positive self-image.

Avoid Avoidance Tactics and Beat the Money Blues

Most people will attempt to avoid the problem by holing up and not facing it. Just like running from your problems and the old saying they catch up eventually, avoiding the bills due will likely give your more reason to worry. Face the fact that you owe the money and develop a realistic plan of attack that puts the money due in check and your sadness at bay. Try the next suggestion to get your plan in check.

Setup a Money Binder to Lower Stress

If you’re not avoiding the problem you’re facing it and what better way to face it than to set up a plan to defeat money depression? My personal plan of attack when attempting to face the mountain of debt accrued thanks to my college education is to setup a bill binder equipped with tabs and dividers to well, divide and conquer. To setup a binder you’ll need;

  • 3” 3 ring binder
  • 1 Pack Dividers with Tabs
  • Paper Hole Punch

The rest is easy. Collect all of your bills and three hole punch them. Sort them by category and importance. Student loans and Car Payments will be in different sections and differ in importance. The idea is to accept that you’re not where you want to be and see the bill. This will help you see, accept, plan, and conquer.

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Coping with being broke may seem like an impossible feat but taking the steps to live a positive and happy lifestyle will help boost your mood and your finances by changing your attitude and how you are perceived by the outside world. Next time you’re feeling the money blues remember the tips here to start defeating money depression.