How to Boost Your Financial Success

Your Thoughts Power Your Actions

Let’s face it we all could use some financial boosting. Even if you think you’re doing great we could always do better.

Often times in life we allow ourselves to get into sticky situations. We know we’ve made a bad choice but we can’t see the way out. This happens often with our finances.  We don’t even think about our financial situation until we are looking to buy a new car, home, or a big finance that needs good credit. Which leads us to be negative and you tell yourself “ I’ll never be able to get that house, car, etc.”

Financial Success

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To fix this you must first change your state of mind. “I will get this house, car etc.” You would be amazed at how much your state of mind affects your daily life and choices. You have to choose to see the positive in a negative situation. Then you have to make your plan of attack.

Change it for the Better

If you’re in debt it can be hard to see yourself being debt free. If you don’t believe you can be debt free then you never will be. Why would you take the steps to be debt free if you don’t believe you can be debt free?  When deciding to take the steps to improve your finances you have to change your state of mind first.

Then realize you need the support to change this. Rather it comes from a spouse, friend, or relative it helps to have someone in your corner. If you don’t, then join a financial support group like

Learn to be Happy with Cut Backs

This is often the hard part of it all. You have to analyze yourself and your spending habits. Is it a want or a need? We often confuse this.  We are never happy with what we have. We always want more and more. How many shoes do you really need? How many televisions do you really need?

If you sit back and look at what you have with a fresh pair of eyes, you will then learn to be content. Try this; walk into your home as if you were a friend coming over to visit. If you look at your home thru someone else’s eyes you then realize you have everything you need. Now you can see what you can cut back on. Then draw out your plan with these steps.

  • Need or want
  • Set a realistic goal
  • Accept you don’t need materialistic things
  • Make a list of the things you have that your thankful for

This is where you save for things like your retirement, that house, or car.

Now you can boost your financial situation thru contentment.

Good Risk, Bad Risk

Should you take a loan for that business, home, car, or going back to school?

You know the difference between a wise decision and a bad one. If it’s going to bankrupt you or even put you close to that category, it’s a bad one.

You know yourself better than anyone and if you’re teetering on a decision that could be a risk, always ask someone who is financially set for advice. Guaranteed they’ve had to make a decision like yours before.  It’s ok to ask someone and if you don’t know anyone to ask seek out a financial advisor.

Discipline and Dedication

We all know someone who changed their situation by going back to school or getting that degree or even changed their whole career. Even though everyone else thought they were crazy, they changed their circumstances. It came from the choice to change and the dedication to the change.

Discipline takes dedication and time. You must take the time to learn new skills. Keep your mind open to learning new things and give yourself time to learn them. This will open the door to new financial opportunities that you never thought was possible.  Never settle for where you are in life. Know that you are always learning and you have the power to learn anything you want.  Remember knowledge is power, the more knowledge you have the more money you can make. You will be amazed at the power a new skill has over your finances.

This is a big financial booster.

The Only Person stopping you is YOU.

We often blame everyone else for our circumstances. It’s so much easier than taking the blame ourselves.  Ask yourself what’s stopping me?  Am I making excuses for my financial failures? Did anyone ever really stop you from being successful?

No the only thing stopping you is your mind.

Don’t let your past determine your future. You can’t fix what has already been done, but you can change the future. The power of your own mind can change your future.

Simple affirmations can help you on your daily journey to boost your finances. Everyday take the time to remind yourself how well you’ve done and where you’re at financially.

Every morning try this:

Wake up and say “I have all the money I need to meet my needs.”

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At the end of everyday celebrate what you changed. Reflect on your daily choices and remind yourself how good you did. Try this for 1 week and commit yourself to it, I promise you will see the difference.  Think positively and you can boost your financial success.