Smart and Sassy: Money Tips for the Ladies

Women face a lot of challenges in life for the simple fact that they’re women. Typically, they earn a lot less than men and they’re thought to be inferior by a lot of silly people for a number of very silly reasons. For some reason, it seems that women are less likely than men to take breaks necessary to care for newborns or ailing parents and since they live longer than their male counterparts on average, it would make sense for them to save as much money as they can to sustain themselves through life in those later stages of time. Studies have shown that women also tend to invest and save less than men, so it seems fitting that we’d share some money tips for the ladies! If you’re in the market to learn some money tips for the ladies, you should listen up closely!

Money Tips for the Ladies

Take Care Of Your Own Finances!

It’s of the utmost importance that you realize what’s going on with your own money before anyone else does. All too often women seem to hand over all their financial freedoms to a man that wants to take over everything. Believe it or not, you don’t have to give in to these sexist principles. What if something were to happen that grappled you onto a different path? What if you and that man were to part ways: how would you know how to handle your financial situation from there? If you don’t get hands on with your finances from jump, you can be sure you’re probably being left in the dark about something. No matter how young or old you are, it’s always a good time to know what’s going on in your own pocket firsthand and this is one of those money tips for the ladies that is truly priceless.

Know Everything about How Much You’re Earning

It’s already been proven that most women are earning far less than they deserve to be earning. Women also tend to be very modest about their capabilities and they overthink those important decisions from time to time. If you so happen to get an exciting job offer at a new company that pays better, you need to take advantage of that opportunity. Even if it’s the kind of job or gig that makes you feel nervous, you really shouldn’t pass it up unless you truly can’t commit to it.

Money Will Threaten Your Relationship

It sucks to say it, but money can come in between some of our most special relationships: even the ones we have with our partners. One of these must-know money tips for the ladies is this: you have to be completely open and honest about your financial situation with potential partners. Not to say that you should divulge your entire history of debt and spending problems, but you shouldn’t work to hide your blemishes and mistakes. Over time, all of those things will come to light if you’re with the right person, but you shouldn’t make it your business to shadow the truth from the start. Being dishonest to start with will leave a bad taste on your relationship and it might make it harder to repair things if you ever get found out. If you’re ready to hop in bed with this person, you should be ready to tell them about the financial skeletons you’ve got hanging around in your closet.

Keep Retirement on Your Mind At All Times

You don’t want to obsess about getting old and quitting work, but in terms of the money you’ll need to live, you really want to think about the best ways to save for retirement as early as possible. This is one of those money tips for the ladies that can’t be said enough. If you started saving your coins in your 20s for retirement, you could be looking at a very hefty retirement savings balance when everything is said and done. Don’t ever let your retirement savings account get stagnant!

Get Those Debts under Control

Student loan debt is probably the biggest detriment to women. Student loan debts used to be viewed as “good debts” but with the amount of student loan debt piling up, it’s becoming a real problem. Another one of the best money tips for the ladies is a reminder to always keep your debt in check. If you’re not watchful and something weighs the scales, your savings could topple into the toilet. There are options out there to help you put your student loan payments off, but it’s best not to prolong the situation for longer than it needs to go on.

Do Whatever You Can To Save

Whether you’ve got to clip coupons or visit a food bank once in a while, you should make it your mission to save more money out of each paycheck. This is one of those money tips for the ladies that is hard to deal with, but you’ll love the perks of it when you need something later on.