The Simple Yet Best Ways to Stretch $10

Ten dollars. What can you do with that? It seems that nowadays, most people no longer appreciate its value even if minimum wage earners still earn less than this amount per hour. Sometimes, it takes a bit of creativity to extend its value and make good use of it. Today, it takes research and a sound decision to make the most out of your $10. Definitely, there are more than numerous best ways to stretch your $10.

There used to be an online survey on the most reasonable $10 purchase, and the response ranged from eccentric to indulgent items. To some financial experts, $10 can actually go a long, long way.

Pleasures in Small Pieces

Depending on the responder’s perception, stretching $10 can be easy or challenging. There are affordable pleasures that can actually extend your money’s value. It will directly depend on your mindset. It can be an overindulgent $10 chocolate that gives satisfaction worth a hundred dollars or expensive coffee that tastes like exquisite espresso from somewhere exotic.

A Stroke of Luck

Some risktakers, or individuals who exert considerable effort to get the most out of their purchase, are willing to spend more time to get the best offers possible. Considered as one of the best ways to stretch $10, discounts and promotional offers can double or even triple your money’s worth. Tickets that cost from $2 to $10 can win a significantly greater amount of money, but from that chance lies a risk of not winning at all. However, for those who enjoy taking risks, trying gives a chance of winning big and you will not win if you will not try.

Online Services

There are online services that are worth investing in. Depending on your fancy, there are apps that cost less than $10 but can provide long-term functionality that is definitely more than what you paid for. From online games to e-book guides to travel planners, the options are almost endless and can address any of your needs on the go. There are also online subscriptions that are proven helpful and worth the initial investment with the bonus of being installable to your other devices.

Back to Basics

We tend to overthink things—we tend to forget the basics that are worth investing. Other people tend to overdo it. For example, most people aim for a fancy $1000 watch that shows the time, looks nice, and is durable. You will realize that with $10, you can still get the same functionality. Both watches can serve their purpose, it is the mindset that actually separates the two. You may think twice on your next basic stuff purchase and end up stretching your $10 in your pocket into something useful.

Ignite a New Career

Included in the simple yet best ways to stretch $10 is to invest in a career starter. This small purchase could be the key to your next biggest gig. Self-help and other topics that interest you can trigger inspiration for a business or ignite a passion that you have yet to discover and pursue. Sure, a new business or career will not just cost $10, but a lot of people will pay good amount of money to start something that is not out of passion.

Aside from these books and guides that can kickstart a new career, there are also topics that will give you a worthwhile learning experience. These are definitely worth your purchase. Such books can be life changing. Bookworms can try and hangout on thrift shops that offer a sale on books almost every day. You might find a rare gem here that can change your life forever or make a wiser person out of you.

Small-Time Investment

The common misconception among most people is that a small investment is not worth it at all. Financial experts remark that no investment is too small—it can grow significantly after a certain amount of time. It is still better than a sum of money that’s been sitting comfortably inside your home with no hopes of increasing in value. Keep in mind that any amount of investment is still considered as an investment. Once you put it in the bank or into stocks, you open the amount you have invested into something. This might be a slow process, but as financial experts explained, it can be one of the safest and best ways to stretch $10.

Reach Further

One of the best ways to stretch $10 for tech-savvy people is to purchase their own domain. Many online bloggers started with as little as $10 and believed that it is the best possible investment for them. You know what, they were right! Nowadays, bloggers can earn so much from just sharing tips or sharing their travel or food experiences. Online traffic can actually generate income and enable you to earn much more than what you initially invest.

Choosing the Right Decision

It all starts from answering the question “what should I do with my $10?” followed by “what are the best ways to stretch $10?” As the tips are laid for you to choose, what lies ahead depends on the decision you will make that may lead you to a life-changing experience that all started from a single $10.